Our Woppaburra ancestors are the First Nations’ Aboriginal inhabitants of what are now known as the Keppel Islands which lay off the Capricorn Coast, Central Queensland. Our ancestors were sea-faring saltwater people, island specialists living off the island environment and surrounding inshore reefs and ocean. The main islands occupied, were Konomie (North Keppel Island), Woppa (South/Great Keppel Island), and Burye (Humpy Island), and our ancestors travelled between these and other islands in the group for seasonal food collection, while Konomie and Woppa were the primary island locations for fresh water supply.

Woppaburra are from a wider Whale Dreaming Indigenous Community around coastal Australia. The spiritual saltwater totem for the Woppaburra and our island homelands is Mugga Mugga (Humpback Whale). It is our life-long cultural responsibility to protect our clan totem and its environment our sea country (al-li).