Sea Country Mapping and Two-Way Knowledge Sharing

Woppaburra and the Australian Institute of Marine Science have begun a partnership to map traditional and scientific knowledge of the marine environment and bring new skills to the region.

The Boardwalk Project

A 25-year-old boardwalk which provides protection for an Aboriginal midden site on GKI was demolished and replaced thanks to a group of young volunteers and amazing local businesses

Woppaburra Heritage Assessment Guidelines

Woppaburra were the first TUMRA group to develop specific heritage assessment guidelines (Woppaburra Traditional Owner Heritage Assessment Guidelines) for their land and sea country.

Leekes Creek Fish Habitat Area

Leekes Creek was nominated in 2004 for declaration as a fish habitat area and the Woppaburra have worked closely with Queensland National Parks and Wildlife since the process started.


Through the Woppaburra TUMRA we have been involved in many successful projects and initiatives surrounding Woppaburra Land and Sea Country. On this page read all about our projects both past and present.

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