My family connection is through my mother Linette who was a ‘Barney’ from Hervey Bay. My mother mother was Kululu (Lillian) who was the daughter of Munquadom (Albert Peters/Ross) 

My mother and aunties, together with Aunty Ethel Richards formed the KILAC (Kepple Island Lifestyle Aboriginal Corporation) in the late 1970’s. While I sat and listed at meetings since I was a young child didn’t have the opportunity to be a committee member. This organisation changed into other forms due to the various land and sea issues. After spending years connecting to our country, the opportunity arose to be a on the committee which I accepted gratefully.

A common saying is that we don’t own our country, we are simply caretakers for our children. I believe that a role on committees like this are a huge responsibility to improve access, participation and opportunities for our people to engage meaningfully with our country. This might be through cultural revitalisation, protecting or conservation. As traditional custodians we have an obligation to look after our sea-country but also lead the way to include other stakeholders such as GBRMPA, QPWS and the broader community.