Woppaburra Traditional Custodians and TUMRA Steering Committee members, Joseph Geas and Robert Muir Jnr. were pleased to attend the official celebrations on the 27th of May 2022, to mark the change of name for the North Keppel Island Environmental Education Centre to Konomie Environmental Education Centre.

The change that honours the island’s traditional Indigenous name was announced by the local Member for Keppel and Assistant Member for Education Brittany Lauga and Education Minister Grace Grace. 

I am so pleased to be joining the minister today to announce this change which respects the many thousands of years of history the Traditional Custodians of the area, The Woppaburra People, share with this beautiful island,” Ms Lauga said.

“Konomie was the name the Woppaburra people used for the island so it’s appropriate that we also call the Environmental Education centre by this historical name.”

Out of the 26 Environmental Educational Centres throughout Queensland, the Konomie EEC is the only one located on a National Park, surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Woppaburra TUMRA Director Meaghan Cummins said “This change of name is another step towards healing of our people. It acknowledges our historical and ongoing connection to our country.

Through our work on the TUMRA we can build on these positive outcomes to create opportunities for Woppaburra led management of our sea country.

Konomie Island Environmental Education Centre Principal Andrew Gill also welcomed the news of the name change. 

“We are very excited to see that the business case we presented to change the EEC’s name has been approved,” Mr Gill said.

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